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Monday, July 11, 2016

Mtn Bike Schedule Change: CSM and CSU Swaping dates! - 7.11.16

Hi everyone,
As I noted in my last email, there was a possibility of date change with CSU and CSM, this switch has been confirmed and now CSU's race at Steamboat Springs will be 9.10 - 9.11, while CSM's race at Granby will now be 9.3 - 9.4
This change has been updated on the calendar on the site.
Thank you,

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mtn 2016 Schedule Posted; Road 2017 Schedule Sign-up; Assistant CD Search - 7.4.16

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, but the 2016 mtn bike schedule has now been posted to the website. Please be aware that there might be some changes between schools (specifically CSU and CSM) but I will let everyone know if that occurs.

Second, as we discussed in the conference meeting earlier in the spring, I have posted the Road 2017 race sign up here. Same protocol applies as in previous sign ups. As a conference, we decided an having race sign ups about a year in advance to allow for more prep time. Please fill this out ASAP.

As for timing for the mtn bike races, I have contacted RaceRite, and should be receiving a quote, which I will push forward to the conference to decide splitting the cost between all of the schools would be something everyone would like to do.

Finally, I announcing the search for an Assistant Conference Director. As you all probably know, managing the RMCCC by myself is very difficult, and this coming year is my last year of my master's degrees, meaning that I have to finish two thesis, coursework, as well as teach. On top of that I have been offered a position to work for my current internship part-time during the year. With all of this work, I will not be able to travel to any mountain bike races this Fall, and so Emily and I are looking for someone to take my spot onsite at the races. While I will still be responsible for logistics of conference, such as schedule, number ordering, results, etc. the Assistant CD will be essentially taking my place at the races and be in charge of handing out numbers, etc.Most importantly, this will be a paid position. I will be sending out a formal announcement detailing the job description, but please send this out to your, team or anyone who you think would be interested; theydo not have to be students, and have them contact me and Emily. This position would be great for anyone who plans on racing the entire mountain bike season, as they will be paid to attend!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Conference Awards! - 5.3.16

Hi Everyone

I apologize for not being able to do this on Sunday, but results are finally calculated the top three in each category are below. Those that upgraded mid-season are only eligible in the category that they finished in. Mens A and Womens A both receive a DNA conference leaders jersey as well as a call-up in the road race and crit , and the other categories receive a conference leader shirt. Please inform your team of the standings, and have the winners contact me with a mailing address so I can get them their jerseys/shirts and also a jersey/shirt size. I can also bring it to Nationals and give it to a team mate if that works too. 

Thanks for a wonderful season. I appreciate your patience as I learn the ropes. I look forward to the mtn bike season!

Mens A
Division 1
1. Andre Szlendak - CU Boulder
2. Ian McPherson - FLC
3.  Mauro Rato - CMU 
Division 2
1. Ryan Trimble - Western State
2. Andrew Hemesath - Mines
3. Cyrus Pearo - CU Denver

Womens A
Division 1
1. Jessica Bobeck - CU Boulder
2. Natalia Franco - CMU
3. Ariane Horbach - CMU
Division 2
1. Jenna Stauffer - DU
2. Hayley Bates - CC
3. Rosa Foth - Mines

Mens B
Division 1
1. Jeremy Seeyave - CMU
2. Josh Lawrence - CU Boulder
3. Simon Pendleton - CU Boulder
Division 2
1. Henry York - Mines
2. Blake Olliweiler - Mines
3. Derek Hall - Air Force

Womens B
Division 1
1. Erin Quinn - FLC
2. Mikaleh Smith - CMU
3. N/A
Division 2
1. Jordon Ellison - CC
2. Madeline Hanley - Mines
3. Alaina Yung - UNC

Mens C
Division 1
1. Dillon Janda - FLC
2. Charlie Shobe - CU Boulder
3. Eric Pipkin - CMU
Division 2
1. AJ Lasowske - Mines
2. Adam Jolly - CC
3. Nocholas Klonne - Mines

Womens C
Division 1
1. Elizabeth Koebele - CU Boulder
2. Erin Paradis - CSU 
3. Lauren Bennett - CU Boulder
Division 2
1. Hannah Freyer - CC
2. Kynda Keiffer
3. Sonya McLaughlin

Conference Standings
Division 1
1. University of Colorado Boulder
2. Fort Lewis College
3. Colorado Mesa University
Division 2
1. Colorado School of Mines
2. University of Denver
3. Colorado College

Congrats everyone on a wonderful season. Full results can be found on the RMCCC website.

Thank you,

Thursday, April 14, 2016

CSU Race: CANCELLED - 4.14.16

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately with the forcasted weather this weekend on the front range, CSU has decided to cancel their events (both the crit and the road race).

Have a great weekend off, and I will see you all in Durango!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nationals Allocations 2016 - 3.31.16

Hi Everyone

The RMCCC is awarded the following start spots at Road Nationals this year:

D1 RR - 25
D1 CR - 17
D2 RR - 21
D2 CR - 14

These allocations will be broken down as follows:

Division 1:
1st Place Team - 6 Road Race 4 Crit
2nd Place Team - 5 Road Race 4 Crit
3rd Place Team - 5 Road Race 3 Crit 
4th Place Team - 4 Road Race 3 Crit
5th Pace Team - 3 Road Race 2 Crit

*Top Individual not on a qualifying team will qualify for Road Race and Crit. 2nd highest individual not on a qualifying team will qualify for the Road Race only. 

Division 2:
1st Place Team - 6 Road Race 4 Crit
2nd Place Team - 5 Road Race 3 Crit
3rd Place Team - 4 Road Race 3 Crit
4th Place Team - 4 Road Race 2 Crit

*Top 2 individuals not on Qualifying teams will qualify for Road Race and Crit.

In the event that a team is unable to fill their roster spots unused team spots will be awarded to the next ranked individual not on a qualifying team unless all individuals are either qualified or unable to attend Nationals. 

Please note that to be qualified you must be eligible. This means that you must have competed in 3 Mass start events as an A rider this season, and be in good standing with both the school and USA Cycling. Any questions you can read the full text from USA Cycling here: http://usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=6574 

See you all this weekend,

Upcoming Races

Date Event Location Disciples
Date Event Location Disciples
3.06.16 DU City Park Criterium Denver, CO Crit
3.05.16 UW Frostbite Time Trial Fort Collins, CO TTT, ITT

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