Monday, February 11, 2013

Conference Updates: Road Season, BMX Nats, and MTB Dates

I hope everyone is excited for the road season to kick off in a month with the UW TTT and CU Crit. Everything you need to know for road season is below, along with info regarding BMX nationals and next fall's mountain bike season.

1) Road Season - A few big changes and some reminders
  • Women's C's - We have added the Women's C category to the race schedule this year. This will give our female racers the same development pathway as the men. I think the best way to approach this change is to think of the "new" WC field as a renamed version of the old WB field, and that a new intermediate field has been added as a stepping stone to the A's. To make sure everyone ends up in the correct field, we will be very open to granting downgrades for the first few weeks of the season. Some FAQs are posted here:
  • Registration: We are changing the format for registration this year. Full details can be found here: Simply, you will fill out ALL of your waivers for the year when you receive your bib number. Registration for the rest of the events will be done by coaches/team managers using the registration templates available here: Pre-filled waivers for all events are also available online. Registration for the first race will be a hassle using this system, but should be very smooth for the rest of the season.
  • Omnium Scoring: We are changing our omnium scoring to be more in line with the USAC rulebook. We've been talking about it for a few years, its finally happening. The big changes are that  ALL races will count towards the individual omnium (no more dropping the lowest 25% of a racers results) and team points will no longer be a straight sum of individual points. Please let me know if you have specific questions. The scoring rules can be found in Chapter 6, Section H of the USAC Rulebook.
  • Licenses: With the new registration format comes even more need to make sure that racers have current licenses prior to the first weekend of racing. BUY THEM NOW!!!!
  • Club registration: A few of you still need to renew your club registration. Get it done as soon as possible. Your racers cannot renew their licenses until your club registration is up to date.
2) BMX Nationals - March 2 in Phoenix. More info is here:

3) MTB Dates - There have already been 5 requests for the 6 available weekends for our 2013 MTB season. If you want a race, let me know SOON so that we can get the schedule set. We will discuss any conflicts at the conference meeting in April.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. See you all at the races!


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