Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Notes for this weekend


1. We were unable to get everything set up for the Sat dinner. We had the venue reserved, but everything fell through on the sponsor and the food. Sorry for the tease, but there will not a dinner on Sat.

2. Please get me a list (as best as possible) of who will be racing each day. Also get me the rosters for the TTT. This is speed the registration process (and allow people to enjoy Café Velo's coffee instead of standing in line). It would also be nice to get a single payment from each school to speed registration. Cash always works. If there's a check, please make it out to me... our team is not allowed to have a checking account so I am the team slush fund.

3. Let everyone know there are cash payouts and primes in the open races. Collegiates can run the open crits for $10.

4. The North Gate will be open at 6:30. Everyone should have a state issued picture ID to enter.


Lt Col Len Cabrera
Officer-in-Charge, Cadet Cycling Club
(719) 333-3068  (DSN 333-)


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Date Event Location Disciples
3.06.16 DU City Park Criterium Denver, CO Crit
3.05.16 UW Frostbite Time Trial Fort Collins, CO TTT, ITT

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