Monday, August 31, 2015

Upcoming Mtn Bike Season, Track Racing, and Updates

Hi all,

With mountain bike season starting next I wanted to send out some reminders and well as updates.

Track Racing and Nationals Eligibility

Track Racing in CO Springs
On September 5 and September 12 there will be RMCCC Collegiate track races at the 7-11 Velodrome. The flyer can be found on the website.
 Riders must be certified on the a track to race any event and 
rack bikes can be rented at the 7-11 velodrome for training only. If riders intend to race they must supply their own bike. Emily's previous email stated that whoever is racing on Labor Day to please let the velodrome staff or her know so riders can get past the road closures.   

For nationals eligibility for track:
-Riders must be full time students (12 credit hours) 
-Riders must have competed in two USA Cycling track events (defined as two days of racing) that season to compete in mass-start event. 
-Riders participating in events not classified as mass start must 
have competed in 
 USA Cycling track event
​ ​
that season to compete
​ (Pursuits, Time Trails, Sprints)​
- Riders must be a category 3 (collegiate A) on the track or higher to race in mass start races.

Mtn Bike Season

CSU Mountain Bike Race
As some people have pointed out as of this week, the location of the CSU Race has been changed from Beaver Creek to Steamboat Springs. The updated flyer can now be found on the RMCCC website under mtn bike races and the upcoming races tab

Registration for racers will be similar to last year. Please have all riders fill out a waiver for EVERY race and submit it at whatever their first race is (i.e. Mines or CSU); this regardless if they are only planning on racing one race. To streamline the process at race, if coaches or presidents could please submit a roster of those riders who are planning on racing (again, even just one race), their license number, category, and disciplines (Endurance, Gravity). If a rider is a different category for each discipline, please note that on the roster. If coaches/presidents could please email me this by Thursday 9/3 12pm this will make registration much faster, this way I can pre-assign numbers and once the coaches/president/whoever hands me a stack of waivers, I will return the favor with a stack of number plates. 

Those who do not submit a roster of riders, will NOT have pre-assigned numbers and thus please be prepared for longer wait times. Also, if rosters are submitted after Thursday at 12pm, I cannot guarantee pre-assigned numbers.       

Mines Race Update 9.5.15
Mines is the first race of the season, and as of last week we are now partnering with the NCCCC (North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference) to make the Mines race a duel conference race. This will provide an opportunity for more races in the NCCCC calendar, more racers from outside the conference, and chance to check out the competition before nationals. The way this will work is all NCCCC riders will be given different number plates and be scored separately but race in there designated categories. This will not effect RMCCC conference standings and rankings.

Conference Meeting
The first and only conference meeting is currently being planned. Expect details within the week. It will either be held at CSU (9.12-9.13) or Western (9.19-9.20). In the meeting we will plain for road season,and vote on a few conference changes. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me,



  1. Emily's previous email stated that whoever is racing on Labor Day to please let the velodrome staff or her know so riders can get past the road closures. check this link right here now

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