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Mountain Bike Season Info and Team Rosters -8.28.16

Hi Everyone,

I have a few things to go over before the beginning of the season,

General News/Reminders
-New Assistant CD
I am happy to announce that the RMCCC has a new Assistant Conference Director! I am literally jumping for joy! Jenna Stauffer of DU will be stepping up and will be the on-site point of contact for the RMCCC. She will be at registration, handling bib numbers, etc. Just a reminder that it takes time to become acquainted with all of the ins and outs of the RMCCC, so please be patient with Jenna.

-Team Rosters
As for road season, to make registration/bib numbers streamlined, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS ROSTER for every racer that plans to race, even if it is just ONCE this season. If some riders decide to join mid-season and there is a change in the roster, please email me so I can assign them a bib number ahead of time.

-Online Reg.
A reminder, that online registration is HIGHLY recommended. First, it makes registration faster. Second, it is much easier for me, Jenna, and the race directors if we already a start list ready. Also, teams have the permission to charge up to a $10 day of fee!!

-Number Plates
Something new the RMCCC is trying out this year are blank number plates. For those of you who lose or forget your bib number, first it is a $5 replacement fee, and second, your number will not change as it has in previous years. Jenna will be writing the same number on the blank plates. This will allow less confusion for results and rankings. As a reminder, plates are free when upgrading to a new category.
As a reminder, I am in charge of license upgrades, not Jenna, so please do not overwhelm  her with questions like, 'why didnt I get my upgrade'. Email me directly. Upgrades will only be processed during the week. Not upgrades in the middle of race weekends.

-Club and Varsity
As most of you know, USAC has now split the divisions into 'Club' and 'Varsity'. DI and DII no longer exist. This means for conference rankings FLC, CMU, Western State, and Adams State will be in their own division as 'Varsity', and the rest of the teams will be in another.

CSM Granby Race:
Next week is our first race hosted by Mines in Granby, CO. To make things run more smoothly, online registration has been set up. Is is HIGHLY recommended that pre-registration is done or risk a day-of fee. Registration for next weekend can be found HERE. Also a reminder to FILL OUT THE ROSTER SHEET. Please remember that even if you online register, you still have to check-in at registration. Granby Ranch does require that you sign an additional waiver. Save time and bring it with you.

-Number Pick-up
Number pick up will be held at 7:30-9pm Friday Night, and at Registration Saturday Morning from 7:30am-10am and 1pm-2pm (before DH Races). Outside of these time, we cannot guarantee that Jenna will be available. Pre-assigned numbers will be organized by team, based off of the roster sheetNumbers will not be given out individually, please send a team representative, to pick up the stack of numbers for your entire team. 

Camping will be available in the same location as last year. It is the dirt lot overlooking the Ski Lodge. There will be signs.

For Race Directors/Team Leaders:
After several inquires about timing systems, I think the conference will have to hold off on Timing for the season. If teams want to provide their own timing, that is totally ok. The issue is that with the conference buy or renting a timing system, there would need to be a designated person to do all the timing. Because the equipment is so expensive we cannot risk passing it around from student to student. Also the conference cant afford to offer a position for timing currently.

-New Conference Fees
As most of you know, previous conference fees were $100/event day plus $1/rider/day for results fees. We are moving to a new fee system, which will be $3/rider/day. Results are bundled into that and will be paid out by the conference, so it will just be one invoice. The rest of the fees will go towards conference expenses, like leaders jerseys and tshirts, trophies and medals, paying the assistant CD, number plates and bunch more.

-Race Expectations
Just a reminder about what is expected by the host team in terms of putting on the race. Teams are in charge of handling volunteers for marshaling and registration. This is not the job of the RMCCC. Please send all results to me, in excel format. The faster you give them me, the faster results and rankings can be posted.

-Conference Meeting
The conference meeting for the road season will be held Sept. 24th at the CU Race in Aspen. More detail will be provided, but please plan on sending a team representative. I will be there facilitating the meeting.

That is it for now. Please email me with any questions. Thank you.

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