Which Teams Qualify for Nationals? It depends on the discipline. Usually, the top three to four teams in each division qualify for nationals, based on their cumulative points in "A" category races. The number of starts per team is variable -- the first-ranked team may be able to start more riders at Nationals than the fourth-ranked team, for instance. Points for nationals are the total of all "A" points for riders in qualifying races. Each team can take up to 16 qualified riders - with up to 4 riders allowed to race in each event. For the Fall MTB Season all races except Super D are counted for nationals.

How does an Individual Qualify For Nationals? Again, it depends. Usually, the top 3 category A riders not on a qualifying team also qualify for nationals. These riders are computed off the individual qualifying points (top 75% of results) in each discipline. For Fall, the top 3 men, and women in each division and each discipline will be invited. This is a total of 24 individuals.

How are conference winners computed? Points are awarded based on division, category and place in each race. For MTB, Endurance (STXC and XC) and Gravity (DH, DS, MX) are computed separately. The top 75% of your results in each discipline are counted towards your qualifying points. The top 3 riders in each division and each category will receive medals at conference finals.

If I change categories, do I have to get a new number? Yes. Your results are tracked by your bib number. If you want to have results when you upgrade, you must get a new number. If you want to upgrade to the A or B (road only) category, you must qualify to do so. Riders can upgrade to A if they have done well in the B category or if they have an existing USAC license of the appropriate category (see the rule book, section 1D). Riders wishing to upgrade to any category must do so on the "My USA Cycling" section of the USA Cycling homepage.

How do we apply to host a race? To apply to host a race, fill out the appropriate Race Request Form and bring it to the bi-annual conference meeting which takes place on (or near) conference finals. Schedules will be determined based on event offerings and experience / success of the team in hosting races in the past.

Upcoming Races

Date Event Location Disciples
Date Event Location Disciples
3.06.16 DU City Park Criterium Denver, CO Crit
3.05.16 UW Frostbite Time Trial Fort Collins, CO TTT, ITT

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